The Fulcrum 12 LED Magnifier Floor Lamp has still maintained its position as Amazon’s Best Selling Magnifying Floor Lamp from May to November 2010!!!

For full details on this lamp take a look at the Product Spotlight page Fulcrum 12 LED Magnifier Floor Lamp.

Too see more check out the Magnifying Floor Lamp Product Spotlight.

Welcome to Magnifying Floor

This site is dedicated one range of products only, the magnifying floor lamp.

Its purpose is to gather together and report back on the full range of magnifying floor lamp products and make it easier for you, the browser, to make the choice of what lamp is suitable for you and any hints, tips and information that will help you make the most of the product once you have it.

Why a Magnifying Floor Lamp?

Perhaps you would love to rediscover the pleasure of reading again after years of abstaining because of vision problems. Or maybe you work on detailed and tiny items that need close inspection without straining your eyes. Used both in the home and commercially the products bring comfort and relaxed problem free attention to detail.

They are ideal Christmas presents for the elderly who persevere with poor sight, bring them the joy of once again escaping into a good book. They bring the possibility of hobbyists producing professional work, being able to see the small details that they know are important to their art.

Becoming increasingly popular these products once enjoyed are seen as an essential part of bringing back the joy of being able to do the things we enjoy doing, however detailed they may be.

What is here?

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